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  • Model: Mixer connection
  • Time: 2017-2-4 9:36:57
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That sound system, of course we will first think of the mixer, mixer, there will be a lot of description method, the most appropriate way to console a sound system of the heart, the heart blood circulation, directly affect the performance of the whole system. Image mixer is like a big water tank, we have a variety of audio signals like water input into the pool, and then the reasonable processing of all kinds of water inflow in the pool, and finally from various channels to go out, the whole process is so simple. Therefore, the mixer is nothing more than the connection: input and output of two.
(a) the connection of the input part of the mixer:
The input signal of the mixer is divided into two kinds: low resistance microphone signal input and high resistance line signal input. In fact, we can see the difference between low resistivity and high resistance as the difference of water pressure or water velocity. For example: the high impedance input level is high, as if the water pressure is large, fast flowing, direct input to the mixer in the tank is appropriate, not in the middle of what links to adjust water pressure and water flow rate; but low impedance input is low, as if the water pressure is low, the water is very slow, direct input to the mixer in the tank is not suitable, we need to add a large pool of water pumps, the low resistance and low water pressure to increase it, let the water speed! Therefore, the mixer's low resistance input channel circuit is built in a dedicated circuit amplifier, the low level to the appropriate level. The characteristics of water to describe the low resistance signal and high resistance signal we should be well understood.
Only after the high resistance and low resistance distinguish can choose the right wire corresponding connection in the mixer input socket can be basically divided into 3 types:
1, TRS: the high impedance input part usually use 6.35cm TRS for Joint Stereo balance input, try not to use the 6.35 TS tone (sound) joint for unbalanced input, but now we use most audio playback devices such as: CD, VCD, the output signal of DVD, MD, MP3 and most of the instruments are usually high impedance signal.
2, XLR: low resistance is used as XLR XLR balanced input connector, now most of the wired microphone usually with low resistance socket is connected with the console.
3, RCA: if some of the mixer with TAPE recording input, it is usually used to connect the RCA lotus connector.
The mixer signal input part need to pay attention to the problem: it has introduced the input signal of the mixer can be divided into low resistance and high resistance input, but how to define a signal belongs to low resistance or high resistance will need to be flexible. For example, in accordance with the standard, electronic organ, electric bass, electric guitar belong to the high impedance signal, use 6.35 plug input to the mixer can, but in some places, from the stage to the connection line between the mixer is too long, line resistance, coupled with the interference of lighting system, so that the signal lines noise has been great, even without any input audio signal in the mixer to the line input channel gain is opened will have great background noise, as described above: this line is a river, the river sediment is now too much at this time. This line in a lot of noise or can not be changed, but the line there has been open to the maximum volume of instruments to increase again, that the river can only give you put so much water, how to do? If no increase with high resistance signal input is equal to the water in the river, the water quality can not be changed, of course there is no way to change; if the XLR plug from the low resistance socket input signal, the point will be enlarged by the shallow low resistivity amplifier, so that the depth of water, good water quality, good sound quality. It doesn't seem to be true. A lot of work I do now, the band are basically using the XLR Jack input from the low resistivity, although the surface looks not standardized, but also reduce the band noise upset. Therefore, we must be flexible, in practice to find the best way to work.
(two) the connection of the output part of the mixer:
Now the output part of the professional mixer has a lot of Jack, and each division, as part of input socket but although relatively simple. So be careful when connecting the output signal. Usually the main output of the mixer or the total output of the volume, the volume of the output, AUX output, etc., in general, the mixer output can be divided into 6 parts according to the function:
1, marshalling output: if we put the woofer to separate volume control through the 1-2 grouping, then output the output audio signal only from the mixer 1-2 grouping corresponding to the output port grouping output with most TRS stereo jack for the balance of output, but with XLR connectors.
2, the main channel output: L-R main channel usually adopts XLR XLR balanced output, some mini mixer is also useful to replace TRS stereo jack.
3, AUX output: AUX console output is the most commonly used output to the voice, the second is to provide monitoring signals to the band or singer, but also to have other uses, such as audio, speaker for auxiliary signal. AUX usually adopts TRS stereo jack output signal.
The 4 part: Direct, direct output mixer for each input channel more professional and a "Direct output" Jack, the jack can provide additional equipment for recording and monitoring, each channel mixer is usually used TRS stereo jack output signal. For example, a television show to live, to live the scene, if there is a 20 channel audio signal, so we can use the 20 channel audio signal input to the first mixer TV, and then use the TV console Direct directly to the mixer output 20 channel audio signal input to live in. Now of course for safety is first assigned this adjustment, distributor 20 way audio signal amplified by the signal and then sent to the TV tuner, live mixer, mixer, emergency recording console or other equipment etc..
5, audio output: analog output signal recording Jack usually mostly use RCA lotus joint. If it is a digital signal that may be used optical fiber, FireWire and other digital output.
6, a INS is inserted into the socket: between the mixer in this socket between input and output, it uses TRS stereo joint. About the INS insert a lot of sound may not be used, it can be inserted into a peripheral equipment mixer input channels, a group of the channel or the main channel, (left and right) to separate insert channel voice signal processing. When used with a TRS three core stereo joint, is from the TRS TRS stereo plug end output signal input terminal to the inserted device, the output end ring then sends signals to the TRS device 3 core stereo plug, and then flows into the mixer. For example, we can use this method to the mixer 1, 2 microphone inserted an equalizer, is equal to 1, 2 microphone in the pipe with a truncated water processor (equalizer), and then input to the mixer, so adjust the sound effect better. 
Above is the connection of the mixer, whether the console input or output, the use of socket and the signal connection way basically is this several, but should pay attention to the correct connection.
Two, equalizer, pressure limiter connection:
1, the main function of the equalizer equalizer: as everyone knows is adjusting the tone, adjust the sound field and acoustic feedback suppression, so now in the audio system equalizer is almost indispensable equipment, currently part of the input and output balance are used to balance jack, balanced line connection can best use XLR connectors, can certainly use the balance line TRS joint.
2, pressure limiter: voltage limiter is a device for processing audio signals, the audio signal can be dynamically compressed or limited. In fact, we are now using the voltage limiter when the main function is to allow it to compress the high signal, so that it can protect the lower level of audio equipment. It can be said that in a complete set of audio equipment, in addition to the console and the equalizer limiter, it is one of the most important peripheral equipment, so under normal circumstances should be placed in a pressure limiter amplifier in front, behind other peripheral equipment. Connection can be used to balance the balance of the XLR line or TRS connector line.
Three, electronic frequency divider connection:
Electronic frequency divider is to be able to 20Hz--20000Hz frequency band of the audio signal is divided into appropriate, different frequency segments, and then sent to the corresponding power amplifier, used to promote the corresponding speaker of a sound peripheral equipment. Electronic frequency divider input part is still relatively simple, but the output is more complex: there are high output, output, output of bass baritone. When connecting the output signal and the output must not bass treble signal mixed up or treble signal to the subwoofer, bass signal to the tweeter, so the sound system might not sound out, because the frequency is wrong, it may even burn bad speakers and other equipment! Balanced line electronic frequency divider can be used in connection with baking XLR joint balance line or TRS joint.

Four, the feedback connection:
In connection with the equipment is also the use of XLR joints or TRS balance of the balance of the line, the connection method can be divided into the following 3 categories:
1, such as equalizer, such as peripheral devices in series connected to the sound system, so that the advantages of connection: connection and operation is very simple, suitable for a simple system. But the disadvantage is that the connection method in suppressing the microphone acoustic feedback, will also affect other audio signal through the feedback.
2, using the mixer channel in the INS insertion / inserted interface will separate feedback suppressor is connected in series with the corresponding channel, this connection can maximize the advantages are: to adjust the feedback suppressor, without regard to affect other sources. The shortcoming is: using this connection method, a feedback controller can only control the mixer of the 2 channels, the equipment utilization rate is too low.
3, the use of mixer in marshalling INS insertion / plug interface, the feedback suppressor is connected in series with the corresponding group of the channel, its advantages are: centralized processing of this grouping compiled into the microphone, but does not affect other sources. Generally speaking because this method can use the feedback suppressor fully, therefore it is the most used connection method.
Five, the delay connection:
Can delay the audio signal delay treatment, generally with the system in some field space is large, a plurality of groups of speakers in distributed amplification. Because in such a system the voice issued by the different position of the speaker, to the listener's ear is a priority, so in order to ensure consistency, increase the readability of the sound image, avoid sound turbidity feeling, sound and sound trailing edge, it is necessary for us to use delay correlation processing. On the determination of the delay object, who is delayed? In fact, very simple, as long as the following three clear:
1, the first is people-oriented, no matter how good the audio equipment is also a service, so in a sound field, we must first take the audience as the benchmark.
2, second is the main source of sound, usually the main speaker and the main stage where the location. Ideally, it should be the voice of the main sound source directly into the ears of the audience is the ideal state. But because of the sound energy, range, directivity, sound pressure uniformity and other reasons, so now most of the indoor sound system to increase the number of viewers from the auxiliary distance fill sound box.
3, the main point is that these third away from the audience closer to the auxiliary sound box, that is, the delay may be required to deal with the speaker.
The vast majority of cases are: to determine the first cause, to determine the second factors of the main source of sound, and then on the third factors of the auxiliary sound box delay processing. The sound speed is about 340 meters per second, so the delay time is calculated according to the distance between the auxiliary loudspeaker box of the third factors and the first main sound box. Know the delay object can connect delay correct connection, basically is on signal channel connected to the audio system to delay equalizer like other peripherals like that, a balanced line using XLR joint balanced line or TRS connections are connected.

Connect six, actuator:
The audio driver is actually a harmonic generator, using psychoacoustic characteristics, modify and beautify the audio processing equipment of sound signal. The actuator generally has the following three kinds of connection methods:
1, like the equalizer and other peripheral equipment that is connected in series with the sound system in the signal channel incentives, such as a mixer, 1-2 grouping is vocal, if the voice of incentive marshalling processing, can be inserted by insertion of actuator / interface to connect to the 1-2 channel mixer in marshalling.
2, if you want to make a comprehensive treatment, the main volume in the mixer output channels or other grouping output channels connected in series in a driver can.
3, the actuator can also be like effect as from AUX to send out signals, then return to the console, it can adjust the channel which needs treatment, need to deal with the incentive intensity is large, this is actually more flexible.
The actuator in signal connection, a balanced line is also used XLR joint balanced line or TRS connections are connected.
Seven, digital effect device connection:
The effect is processing and manufacturing all kinds of sound effect of peripheral audio equipment, generally used for processing of voice, in most sound system, if one without treatment effect will become no fullness and brightness, that is: dry without water. Now the latest effects of the use of digital processing chip, so we also call it: digital effects. The effect is less like the equalizer and other peripheral equipment that is connected in series with the sound system, the general case is sending the signal from the AUX mixer to effect the input interface, then the output from the interface effects of the return signal to the mixer. In the signal connection, the majority of the TRS connector is used to connect the balance line, a small number of professional effects are also used to connect the XLR connector balanced lines.

Eight, amplifier and speaker connection:
This should be very familiar with everyone, but to pay special attention to: in the signal power amplifier signal line to try to use the balance line, so as to minimize noise. A lot of love to sound one or two signal lines for supplying multiple power amplifier, but if more than four sets of power amplifier, it is recommended to use the signal amplifier separated enough, no signal attenuation of the supply line of each power amplifier used alone, it can reduce system noise, reduce the risk and improve the signal-to-noise ratio. In power transmission, as far as possible the use of thick, short of the speaker line and the use of reasonable wiring to shorten the distance between the speaker line, and then a certain attention to the positive and negative, to avoid short circuit.
Equipment connection need to pay attention to the problem:
1, pay attention to power: audio equipment to have a dedicated power supply, and the power supply to the light, and the light likes a little lower voltage, but the sound is the standard voltage. With a dedicated power supply, but also to have a stable and reliable power outlet, you can try to use the power sequencer, although the cost increase but improve the stability and ease of use. In short: the correct and reliable connection of all sound equipment power supply is essential. One thing to note: some imported equipment power supply will have the choice of 110V and 220V switch, in our country, be sure to choose the location of the 220V can be connected to power.
2, pay attention to the grounding of the equipment: the right to all the sound equipment to connect the ground wire is very important, good grounding can reduce the interference of the signal transmission equipment, improve equipment stability. Note that the ground wire should be in accordance with the lightning line grounding standards, is buried in the underground part of the conductor to rust and contact, to better buried deep, do not share the power line configuration and three-phase grounding line, that will not reduce the noise in the sound system, but also easy to damage the equipment.
3, pay attention to choose the appropriate connection signal line: a sound equipment, we can connect with XLR to connect the XLR balanced lines do not use the TRS equilibrium line; can connect with the TRS line of balance do not use TS mono unbalanced line is connected by TS; mono unbalanced line connecting equipment can not really when the way.
4, pay attention to reverse and short-circuit signal: signal line short circuit can often cause silent failure, check up is very troublesome, unless a signal line is removed using a multimeter to detect it, so be careful when welding line.
5, pay attention to the length of the signal wire in the connection device, to maximize the use of the signal line is short, thus saving cost, and reduce the line resistance and interference. Under normal circumstances, the use of balanced transmission lines can be up to about 300 meters long, while the unbalanced line can not be long-distance transmission.
6, pay attention to the level of the device: if the device has a +4 and -10 or -20 level switch on the rear panel, under normal circumstances, we have to put in the +4 position, this is the standard level.
Note: 7, through many devices have a direct (Bypass) key, through the equipment will not work, so we should pay attention to check the button, or if we let the limiter straight do not work, the pressure limiting device behind the equipment will lose the protection effect.
8, careful operation: due to equipment, buttons, so prone to misoperation, such as: there are some electronic frequency divider has a "x 10" button, we should not pay attention to it. For example, we adjust the frequency division in the 200Hz, then press the button 200 x 10 will become 2000Hz, so be sure to avoid misuse.
With good equipment, coupled with the right and reasonable to connect them together, then the effect of the sound system will be perfect!
Because the level is limited, it is inevitable that there are deficiencies, but also hope that colleagues and experts

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Enping City Keith Electroacoustic Equipment Factory

Enping City Keith Electroacoustic Equipment Factory

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